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Post Purchase Service & Support Shopify App Streamlines Communications For Its Merchants

Shopify Ping is available for free for all markets, and houses apps like Facebook Messenger and Chatkit under one digital roof, ultimately helping merchants more efficiently connect with their consumers

Advertising Leveraging AI Toolkits To Create Better Brand Messaging

A number of platforms are developing artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to streamline search and content creation

Retail Luxury Brands Are Rushing To Build Their Own Chatbots For The Holiday Season

High-end retailers are catching up with their own AI chat bots to engage holiday shoppers

Interview A New App Does Wellness The Millennial Way

Shine has expanded its motivational text messaging service with a new app, serving self-care tips with a healthy dose of reality

Advertising Google's AI Neural Networks Turn Selfies Into Emojis

A new addition to their messaging app Allo uses artificial intelligence to make you into a custom sticker pack

Design Google Employees Built A Service That Turns Voice Messages Into Emojis

Supersonic is a fun voice messenger that will automatically translate audio messages into emoji-filled texts

Brands Are Cooling Down When It Comes To Chatbots

After disappointing performance results from chatbots, many brands are rethinking their use of AI to connect with customers

Technology Communications Expert: This Is The Year Messaging (Actually) Matches Its Hype

Anurag Lal, President & CEO of Infinite Convergence Solutions, explores how messaging platforms can function as productivity tools

Startup Wants To Build An Autonomous Community Of Social Bots

The messaging bots curate content based on user preferences’ and can combine apps for multiple services

Op-Ed Messaging Toolkit Founder: Why The Future Of User Interfaces Must Be Hybrid

How does artificial intelligence fit in the old model of UI?

Work When Words Are a Screenful, Vibe It Out With Ambient Messaging

The Magic Vibes co-founder Kate Losse on designing wearable-first experiences

Gaming & Play Sean O’Brien: How Anonymous Chat Apps Can Avoid Disappearing Like Their Content

The private chat space is bigger than people realize, but not as robust as traditional messaging.

Advertising How Brands Are Using Messaging Apps As The New Social Media

Give customers the right experience and they will not only like you, but will seek out the platforms your brand endorses.

Technology Swap Emojis With Your Face For A More Intimate Chat

React captures and adds the user's facial expressions to each message they send.