Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Genesis Electric Concept Car Celebrates Escapist Cruising

The Essentia was created as an object of desire to celebrate the simple pleasure of driving around aimlessly

Design Swedish Design Studio Creates Homewares Using Recycled Waste

Malmö Upcycling Service reuses materials like brick, glass and sheet metal to make household objects while reducing manufacturing waste

Home Cryptocurrency Miner Doubles As A Heater For Your Home

Qarnot is a device that repurposes the waste of digital currency mining for a productive purpose

Advertising 5 Winning Strategies In Sustainable Packaging

From making products smaller to investing in flexible packets that easily separate for recycling, here are five sustainable packaging strategies

Automotive Mazda's New Ambitious Design Philosophy Is Meant To Represent Japan

Mazda hopes to use Kodo design to elevate the brand in a premium direction

Design Minimal Pencil Is Designed To Last A Lifetime

A designer with a background in aircraft engineering used sleek, sturdy materials to create the ultimate mechanical pencil

Technology This Robotic Eel Can Hunt For Water Pollution

The Envirobot robotic eel is equipped with sensors and moves naturally through the surrounding environment

Technology A New Kind of Social Robot Welcomes A More Human Touch

Blossom is a social robot that looks a little different from the rest

Automotive INFINITI Creates An Electric Race Car For A Hypothetical Past

The handcrafted car started as an after-hours passion project

Consumer Goods Stainless Steel Used To Create Never-Ending Soap

Amco is a new approach to develop a lasting and more effective soap for killing strong odors

Food & Beverage Polluted Water Popsicles Raise Awareness Of Polluted Air And Water

The project is designed to highlight the extremely polluted state of Taiwan's natural resources

Home This 3D Printed Key Is Almost Impossible To Forge

Same technology that makes forging easier can also make it impossible

Design Art Installation Transforms Real-Time Data From A Polluted River Into Sound

Artist Brian House incorporated data and sound to create a comment on the ecological degradation of rivers

Health Design Studio Imagines An Office Without Chairs

In Breaking Habits, Dutch design studio RAAAF imagines the chairless spaces of the future