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Design Fountain-Turned-Playground In Mexico City Shows Experiential Uses For Outdoor Space

An architecture project transformed a city square into a play area, illustrating how a simple design can change the experience of public space

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel This DIY Sound Machine Emits A Sound To Keep Cyclists Safe

Ecobici is made to create a pleasant soundscape on the road and alert everyone that a cyclist is nearby

Automotive Ford's Robot "Dog Nanny" Can Take Care Of Your Pet While You're Out

The automaker has come up with a new phone-controlled concept that could take your pet our for walks

Advertising Mexico City Built A ‘Penis Seat’ For The Subway To Teach Men About Sexual Harassment

The city's subway has a seat in one of its cars (labeled for men only) in the shape of a man's torso and lower extremities

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Delta And Coca-Cola Collaborate On Designer Airplane Tray Tables

The heritage companies have come together for a collection of artist-designed tray tables to be enjoyed while in flight

Design Can Design Education Help Position Dubai As The Design Capital Of The World?

The Middle Eastern megapolis is betting a better tomorrow on the launch of its Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation

Design Cars May Disappear From This Mexico City Road

Corredor Cultural Chapultepec is a pedestrian-only overpass that could forever change a road whose history dates back to 1532

Technology The Creators Project: Sewable Circuit Boards Create Jobs In Mexico

“Performative intervention” gives residents in Mexican cities the chance to work for $7.50 an hour.

Technology Voice Service Provides Internet Access To The Digitally-Illiterate

Verbal is a audio-enabled platform that wants to give Internet access to people who don’t own computers or mobile devices.

Technology Artist Attempts To Print Out The Entire Internet

A tribute to the late activist Aaron Schwartz involves creating a physical copy of as much of the world wide web as possible.

Advertising Wallpaper's Best Business Hotels Of 2012 [Pics]

The magazine ranks its favorite working and living spaces-- but what makes the winners shine?

Design Artist Turns 6,700 Confiscated Weapons Into Musical Instruments [Pics]

Project addresses violence by upcycling scrap metal from weapons into functional instruments.

Design Album Soundwaves Translated Into 3D Printed Landscapes

Music becomes tangible in this project by Mexico-based studio Realitat.

Bicycles Roll Into Fashion In Mexico City [Headlines]

The emergence of bikes and bike sharing in a traffic-clogged and pedestrian unfriendly city is surprising.