Michael Bloomberg

Design Google Wants To Build A High-Tech Neighborhood In Toronto

Will “to google” soon mean “to move to a Google-created city”? Sidewalk Labs is looking to create a new model for innovative urban growth

Design How Mayor Bloomberg Will Protect NYC From Climate Change

The Big Apple prepares itself for the storms that are likely to impact the city over the next few decades.

Syndicated Mayor Bloomberg To Introduce City-Wide Composting In NYC

A new plan attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by recycling upto 100,000 tons of food waste a year.

Home Why Bloomberg's Soda Ban Didn't Work

What all the loopholes would have meant in reality, had Mayor Bloomberg's controversial ban passed.

Advertising Is NY's Start-Up Scene Just A Bubble?

New York City has become a center for tech entrepreneurship, but the industry may lack depth due to limited funding.

Innovation NYPD And Microsoft Launch Citywide Surveillance System

The new "Domain Awareness System" has live video feeds, huge databases of recent crime patterns and can take input direct from the field in real time.

Work Why Bloomberg's Soda Ban Doesn't Really Deny Anyone Their Right To A Big Gulp

The proposed 16 oz. limit can't stop people from drinking as much Coca-Cola as they like; how the measure is an example of 'choice architecture.'

Syndicated Is Mayor Bloomberg Trying To Make New Yorker's 'Classier' With His Soda Ban?

Is the genus of this policy obesity? Or is the politician just conveying a bit of his his Upper East Side upbringing?

Advertising New York Mayor Plans To Ban Large Sodas And Other Drinks To Tackle Obesity

Bloomberg's plan would stop New York restaraurants and food outlets from selling sugary soft drinks over 16ozs

Work Largest Bike-Share Program In US Launches In New York, Puts 10,000 Bikes On The Street

Bloomberg announces 'Citibike' for NYC, but critics are already attacking the program for being 'too expensive.'

Home Twitter Opens NYC Office On Madison Avenue [Headlines]

The city with the most Twitter users in the world is now home to the company's headquarters.

Advertising New York Steps Up The War Against Soda

NYC's mayor wants to stop the 1.7 million residents using food stamps from buying sugared drinks.

Technology Monocolumn: Shindig To Shape The World

Opening on 22 June, the New York Forum summit is envisioned as an intimate gathering of the international economic elite to help rescue the battered world economy.