Michigan State University

Technology Tiny Strip Lets You Charge Your Gadgets By Simply Interacting With Them

Scroll, tap, zoom and click to charge your phone using simple everyday interactions

Design PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

From a future filled with 3D printed vaccines to a smart car that monitors a driver's health, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.

Work Scientists Produce Gold Using Bacteria

Michigan State University researchers have found a way to use the metal-tolerant bacteria 'Cupriavidus metallidurans' to turn liquid gold into solid, 24-karat gold.

Gaming & Play Are Kids Who Play Video Games More Creative? [Headlines]

The question now is why, and how to optimize the effect to increase creativity.

People Learn While They Sleep, Study Suggests [Headlines]

Scientists speculate that an unconscious form of memory may enable the brain to process information without one's awareness.

Innovation Can Shockwaves Revolutionize Automobile Locomotion?

An amazingly innovative car engine redesign could change the face of personal transport.

Advertising Future of Health: Off The Grid Energy

The development of human scale technologies that can to tap into and harness alternative sources of energy is yielding new solutions for powering peoples lives off the grid.