Advertising Tweet-Powered Billboard Throws Snow At Last-Minute Travelers

Swiss International Air Lines had fun with British travelers' tendency to book flights at the last minute with an interactive billboard in London

Retail Why This Open-Source Twitter Competitor Is Growing Like Crazy

Mastodon built upon the Twitter idea (and interface), but added a few key options that people on Twitter have been asking for

Design Twitter Alternative Protects Against Government Surveillance

Twister is a peer-to-peer microblogging platform that is decentralized and cannot be shut down by one entity.

Innovation Melissa Waggener Zorkin: So You Want To Start A Business...

Our new "connected Generation" prefers companies and brands they feel are committed to making a difference. So what does this mean for today's startups?

Technology Twitter Rebrands With New Logo [Headlines]

The microblogging service has created a new trademark. A little blue bird "crafted purely from three sets of overlapping circles."

Technology New York Times Digitizes Its Photo Archives On Tumblr

The media company will be adding photos daily to their site on the popular micro-blogging platform called "The Lively Morgue".

Technology Are Twitter Users Sexier Than Their Facebook Counterparts? [Headlines]

Study suggests that users of popular microblogging platform are more attractive than social network users.

Technology Will The Chinese Twitter Become More Popular Than English Twitter?

The site is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. with celebs and public figures starting to join.

Twitter Turns 5 And Now Delivers 350 Billion Tweets Every Day [Headlines]

Twitter had 224 tweets on its first day. Five years later, that number increases to 350 billion.

Features Twitter For Newsrooms: The Latest In Up-To-The-Minute Journalism?

Twitter releases an online guide to using its features for journalistic purposes.

Advertising Monocolumn: Forecast 2011: China’s Uneasy Relationship With The Internet

In China, the mourning period for Twitter was as brief as a tweet. Only weeks after the government blocked the microblogging service in the summer of 2009, one of China’s leading web portals, Sina, unveiled a clone to take its place.

Design Twitter Grammar Lessons

Designer Chris Messina discusses micro-blogging syntax.