Design Scientists Track Bee Activity With Microphones

Webster University researchers believe this method could be a much more cost and time efficient method for monitoring bee activity

Technology Modularity Paves Way for Waste-Reducing Consumerism

If you don't need a gizmo anymore, don't just toss it, rebuild it

Innovation Microphone Add-On Turns A Phone Into A Karaoke Machine

An affordable alternative to going out allows you to sing along with your favorite songs.

Advertising BBC Invents Radio That Tailors Content To Its Listener

Built-in sensors allow this device to change what users are listening to based on the surrounding environment.

Work Music Video Graphics React Live To Singer's Voice

British artist, Jamie Lidell features eye-catching gadgetry in the video for his upcoming single.

Design Beats By Dre Headphones Built-In To Bike Helmet

Sporting goods company POC has incorporated the headphones into the neckroll and added a remote control compatible with most smartphones.

Syndicated Throwable Microphone

Catchbox, a foam padded wireless mic can be tossed around to break up the monotony of speaking engagements.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Interactive Map Lets Tourists Explores The City Via Sounds [Video]

Concept lets visitors listen to different places in one spot.