Microsoft HoloLens

Audio-Visual Installation Lets Visitors Create Music With Their Bodies

Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers adapted their music art app into a full-scale augmented reality installation

Augmented Reality Can Teach You How To Play The Piano

With an AR headset, users are able to see animated instructions displayed right above their instrument

Advertising Scotch Brand’s Augmented Reality App Takes Viewers Behind The Casks

The Macallan AR app offers a peek into the whisky-making process, starting with the two types of oak trees used to make aging casks

Design Super Mario Bros Recreated As A Life-Sized AR Game

Abhishek Singh recreated the first level of Super Mario Bros as an augmented reality game where you play as Mario

Technology Make Your Own HoloLens With The Cardboard HoloKit

Amber Garage is creating a cheaper version of the HoloLens for those who can't afford the expensive developer kits

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Air New Zealand Is Bringing Augmented Reality Into The Cabin

In-flight employees will be equipped with a Microsoft HoloLens to provide a regular stream of information that will help improve interaction with travelers

Gaming & Play Leaked Microsoft HoloLens Demo Shows Reality-Bending Video Creation

An AR app is just the tip of the iceberg for mixed reality movie-making

Work NASA Pushes the Microsoft Hololens' Operational Capabilities to the Limit

Augmented reality is moving us to the next frontier of task management