Design Future Fabrics Make Social Media Tactile And Translate Light Into Audio

PSFK attended the opening of AFFOA’s first Fabric Discovery Center, where advanced technology is being woven into textiles

Technology Augmented Reality Is Now Able To Track True 3D Objects In Real-Time

In a space that has often over promised, PoindextAR is working to bring us one step closer to reliable and ubiquitous augmented reality

Advertising The U.S. Navy Is Asking People To Hack One Of Their Ships

By hosting a series of hackathons, the Navy hopes to find and recruit cyber talent

The Surprising Places National Parks and Military Units Are Turning to for Renewable Energy

Plotting the key efforts to leverage unexpected, unprecedented and unwieldy energy sources

Advertising PSFK Pulse: Robot Workers and Skinny Wallets

Kickstart your day with an efficient economy and contactless payments

Gaming & Play Can Virtual Reality Help Us Improve Peacekeeping Missions?

Gaming for Peace aims to change the world using VR

Technology U.S. Military's Virtual Wound Simulation Trains Field Medics for Life and Death Situations

Research at UCLA aims to better prep medics, revealing through a combination of in-depth mechanics and fluid dynamics how a leg responds to a bullet wound or severe injury

Work Comparison of Field Rations Exposes the Diet of War

Exhibition looks at the field rations of international armies to explore cultural diet and institutions

Home Mission 22 Fights Veteran Suicide with Massive Awareness Campaign

The number of soldiers who don't survive life as a civilian is a crisis of its own and a mission is underway that's working to change that

Gaming & Play 7 Items You Need to Know Today

Shrimp inspire cancer-spotting phone camera, Instagram chief joins up with Walmart's board and BMW plans for driverless cars in China (with Baidu's help)

Luxury Military May 3D Print its Grub

Armed Forces engineers are exploring the culinary and nutritional possibilities of 3D printers

Innovation 7 Items You Need to Know Today

Spray-on solar cells could finally be efficient, tethered blimps are the latest spy tool and Japan goes interstellar with its military force

Advertising Call Of Duty Trailer Blurs The Line Between Journalism & Advertising

Can something be called an ad if it doesn't tell you anything about the product it's pushing?

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Saturday Night Live comes to China, DARPA creates a vanishing battery, and more.