Design Sophie Maxwell: Future Health - Feeling The Power Of Body And Mind Symbiosis

The next step in the future of health is connecting mental and physical health in order to achieve higher levels of well being.

Innovation How Do We Engineer Inspiration? [PSFK NYC 2012]

Filmmaker and futurist Jason Silva explains how to see the world with new eyes and explores how the co-evolution of humans and technology is changing our expectations of ourselves.

Innovation Neuroscience Breakthrough Might Allow Soldiers To Control Weapons With Their Minds [Headlines]

Strides in cognitive science may gave rise to new brand of defense technology.

Innovation Thinking Cap Sparks Creativity Via Elecrical Current

Device intent on stimulating the right, creative half of the brain with electrical current may alter the way view problem-solving forever.

Advertising How Your Brain Is Like The Internet

New research shows the connected nature of the human brain.

The Importance Of Play In Human Evolution

The Evolution of Childhood: Relationships, Emotion, Mind, is a new book by anthropologist and neuroscientist Melvin Konner, which takes an in-depth look at human development and evolution.

Design (Pic) 3D Map Of The Brain

A diagram called the connectome is seen as a potential holy grail for scientists looking to visualize the human mind.

How Does Creativity Happen?

A fascinating SEED magazine article from earlier this year explores how creativity works in the brain.