mind control

Advertising Tech Paving the Way for Mind Reading and Control

What if you could look into your viewer’s brain and measure the effectiveness of your marketing?

Gaming & Play Pong Controlled With Brainwaves Raises Funds For Charity

The Brain Tumor Charity has created a giant hands-free game on a billboard at a shopping center.

Innovation Mind-Controlled Leg Offers A Bright Future For Amputees [Video]

Bionic limb opens up a whole new range of movements compared to traditional prosthetics.

Home DIY Neurosurgery Kit Lets People Create A Cyborg Cockroach [Video]

Create an app-controllable RoboRoach with just a little surgery and circuitry.

Technology Researchers Develop Mind-Controlled Robot

Scientist in Herzliya, Israel have developed an 'Avatar'-like computer interface that enabled a droid that was 1800 miles away to be moved using brain waves.

Partner Content PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

From implants that transform colors into sounds to brian scans that let you spell with your thoughts, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.

Work Control Video Games With Your Mind

A new video game controller has players use their brain’s electrical waves to control the action on screen.

Innovation Paralyzed Patient Moves Robot With Their Mind

Scientists in Switzerland have demonstrated a robot that can be controlled by a quadriplegic wearing an EEG cap fitted with electrodes.

Luxury Control This Skateboard With Your Mind [Video]

Get from point A to B by only thinking where you want to go with this brainwave-controlled device.

Innovation Neuroscience Breakthrough Might Allow Soldiers To Control Weapons With Their Minds [Headlines]

Strides in cognitive science may gave rise to new brand of defense technology.

RatCar: A Rodent Controlled Brain-Machine Interface

An experiment by researchers at the University of Tokyo points to a future where disabled persons could mind-control wheelchair motions.