Mini Cooper

Features How Brands Like Mini Cooper And WeWork Are Elevating The Co-Working Space

Companies are looking for ways to not only create convenient coworking spaces, but also provide members with additional amenities and services that cater to their interests, offering art exhibits, full-service restaurants, fitness studios, wellness programs and more

Automotive Could Electric Updates Get Younger People Driving Vintage Cars?

The personality and nostalgia of classic cars are tempered by their unreliability, but electric updates solve that

Advertising MINI Is Letting Customers Create Custom 3D Printed Parts For Their Cars

A new MINI customization service lets owners design and 3D print their own parts

Design MINI Designs A Sharable And Customized Car

The car brand has unveiled VISION NEXT 100 to showcase their vision on the future of mobility

Technology Classic Cars Paired With Their Namesakes [Pics]

'Namesake Motors' is a series of photographs created by art director Jimm Lasser and photographer Ray Gordon.

Gaming & Play Tiny Radio-Controlled MINIs Retrive Olympic Javelins From Field

One quarter sized MINI Coopers are helping out at the London Games in a creative marketing move by BMW.

Work Art Wrapped Mini Coopers Blur Line Between Marketing And Exhibit

An artist partnered with local businesses to cover costs in return for giving them a unique advertising platform.

Advertising PSFK Picks: Best Folding Bikes

PSFK curates a roundup of some of the latest and most ingenious foldable bikes.

Design BMW's Mini Cooper Inspired Electric Scooter

Mini Scooter E features detailing reminiscent of the iconic car and a host of hi-tech features.

Innovation The Week In Brand Strategy & Advertising

PSFK curates some of the brand strategy, digital and creative advertising news and ideas that caught our attention this week.

Retail Four Storytelling Genres Of Brand Re-Invention

Regardless of circumstances, a brand always has a story - a past, present, and future where its coming from and where its going. The key is to keep that story fresh without confusing or alienating your core audience.