Banks, Insurance & Financial Services UNICEF Taps Into Cryptocurrency Mining To Help Those In Need

The global charity is using cryptocurrency to make donating to causes as simple as opening a browser

Gaming & Play Video Game Mines Cryptocurrency While You Play

Allmine allows players to earn digital currency in a 3D puzzle game with new blockchain technology that aims to make mining more sustainable

Home Cryptocurrency Miner Doubles As A Heater For Your Home

Qarnot is a device that repurposes the waste of digital currency mining for a productive purpose

Advertising Brands Generate Buzz By Associating Themselves With Cryptocurrency

Companies pivoting to, or just showing an interest in, cryptocurrencies and associated technologies have resulted in a sudden burst in share price

Loyalty & Membership Speech Analytics Give Businesses A Stronger Voice With Fewer Costs

Chad Hart, Head of Strategic Products at Voxbone, discusses how speech analytics can revolutionize what your employees are capable of and how your customers see you

Retail Going Green To Revive A Post-Industrial Economy

A German city is turning to a green revival to shake off the coal dust of its industrial past

Design How The 1970s Could Vanish From Vancouver

The Empire Landmark Hotel is the latest brutalist icon set to be demolished in a frenzy of property speculation

Syndicated Some Websites Are Turning Visitors Into Bitcoin Miners Instead Of Relying On Ads

Pirate Bay and Showtime are turning unknowing visitors into cryptocurrency miners, using computers rather than eyeballs on ads to generate money

Health This First Aid Kit Teaches Anyone To Become An Emergency Life Saver

A first aid kit complete with an interactive app and instructions will enable bystanders to turn into emergency responders

Design Art Installation Transforms Real-Time Data From A Polluted River Into Sound

Artist Brian House incorporated data and sound to create a comment on the ecological degradation of rivers

Syndicated Big-Name Outdoors Brands Are Joining To Take On Public Officials Over Land Rights

The outdoor industry is beginning to lead the fight to protect America's public lands from being developed for gas and oil

Innovation NASA's Robot Helps Extract Water From The Moon

RASSOR is a multi-purpose transportation device that can mine for resources.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Louvre Opens New Addition In Tiny French Mining Town

Sanaa's shimmering apparition of a building provides a radical new space for the display of six millennia of art.

Which Electronics Companies Top The List For Using ‘Conflict-Free’ Minerals? [Headlines]

A report finds Intel, Apple and HP lead the way when it comes to avoiding conflict minerals in the production of their electronics.