Work Renowned Fashion Photographers Capture Harlem Street Life

Bruce Weber and David Bailey used a Nokia Lumia 1020 to shoot everyday life on the streets.

Technology Nexus One-Controlled Satellite To Orbit Earth [Video]

The British-built STRaND-1 will use the commercially available smartphone camera to take pictures of the Earth and the Moon.

Luxury Solar-Powered Airplane Could Deliver Medical Supplies To Africa

The Solar Ship is a hybrid aircraft that is powered by the sun and is on a mission to fly supplies to areas where they are much-needed.

Design Artist Builds A Spacecraft To Simulate Mars Mission

Tom Sachs will organize an interactive exhibition where viewers can witness faux space travel and exploration.

Technology Astronauts Mentally Drained After More Than A Year of Isolation

Simulated Mars mission required six men to be confined to a small space for 520 days. With only two more months to go, the crew is suffering the effects of the confinement.

Online Game Teaches Kids To Deal With Bullying [Headlines]

Herotopia is a virtual community where kids learn the values of getting along in a game setting that can also be applied to their lives.

Advertising The Public Posts Of Mission

Permanent public artworks serve as local community boards in San Francisco.

Retail Site Visit: Levi's Print Workshop In The Mission

In San Francisco, the denim maker has established a workspace to collaborate on creative projects with the community.