MIT Media Lab

This Wearable Hears You Even Without Speech

This concept device from the MIT Media Lab detects muscle movements so wearers don't have to make a sound to communicate with artificial intelligence

Health Wearable Tracker Monitors The Wellness Of Your Brain

Originally designed for patients with epilepsy, Embrace is worn around the wrist to monitor brain activity

Design 10 Inspiring Female Pioneers From PSFK's PurpleList

To celebrate International Women's Day 2018, we are highlighting some of the dynamic female pioneers PSFK has worked with over the years

Entertainment AI Is Working To Make Moviegoers More Emotional

An AI algorithm can predict which parts of a film will generate the greatest emotional responses in audiences

Advertising These Smart City Fixtures Gather Data To Build Hyperlocal Knowledge

We spoke to Sandra Richter, co-founder and CEO of Soofa, about smart city furniture and a hyperlocal, data-driven approach to retail and advertising

This AI Is Programmed To Write Horror Stories Mined From Reddit

MIT researchers developed Shelley to tweet scary stories based on Reddit posts

Children Wooden Toys Help Children Learn How To Code

MIT Media Lab alumni used Montessori teaching concepts to create wooden toys that help children understand code without using a screen

Gaming & Play Get Design Inspiration Through This Mad Libs-Like Game

Designers are given a task to think creatively with this randomizer game from MIT Media Lab

Fashion & Apparel Robotic Jewelry Can Adapt To Your Clothes And The Weather

A robotic wearable from MIT can transform from a necklace to a brooch and even create temporary patterns on your shirt

Retail This Wearable Device Is Meant To Reveal Consumers' True Emotions

Market research may have gotten a lot easier with the Moxo Sensor

Food & Beverage Food Computers Use AI To Make 'Climate Recipes' For The Best-Tasting Crops

The MIT Media Lab is working on a special food computer that will help grow any crop thanks to its AI's regulation of light, water and nutrients

Technology MIT’s Experimental Keyboard Is Unlike Any Instrument You’ve Seen Before

The fabric keyboard lets musicians actively interact with the keys to produce a variety of sounds

Design Color-Changing Tattoos Can Monitor Health Without A Wearable

DermalAbyss is exploring the possibility of using special inks to monitor medical conditions

Children These Origami-Like Blocks Could Make You More Creative

Troxes, from a student at MIT, are meant to encourage abstract, spatial and artistic thinking among the next generation of thinkers