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Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Wegmans Provides Visually Impaired Customers With An In-Store Guide

The retailer's free application uses a combination of GPS, a live stream and a remote agent to help low-vision shoppers shop confidently

Entertainment NBCUniversal To Offer Viewers Free Video Streaming With Reward System

To stay in competition with streaming services, NBCUniversal is releasing WatchBack, an app that lets viewers accrue points by watching NBC, USA and Bravo shows, and exchange them for gift certificates

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Service Lets Travelers Provide Feedback On Airplane Cabin Temperature

In a push for DOT regulatory standards, passengers now are able to report uncomfortable or potentially dangerous aircraft temperatures on their phones

Shopper Marketing & Promotions Hotel Booking Service Gamifies How Guests Reserve Bargain Rooms

HotelTonight offers lower prices than its best rates in its Daily Drop app, a countdown-led booking deal that guests must unlock in a timely manner and find entertaining features like secret amenity searches

Shopper Education & Assistance Travelers Can Hail Lyft From Southwest App As They Make Their Way To Airport

The two brands are making the to-and-fro aspect of traveling from airports easier, enabling ride-sharing four hours before departure

Loyalty & Membership Google's Mobile App Connects Communities In India Through Local Knowledge

Neighbourly is an app aimed at providing access to local information between residents of the same community, fostering a trustworthy and easy-to-access source of insights and recommendations as well as extending Google's reach

Retail How One Company Is Trying To Crack The Code For Audio In Social

Moodelizer arrives at a time when industry monoliths Facebook, Snapchat and Apple are all grappling with how to fuse social media and music

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Individually Insure Your Devices With This Cloud-Based Service

Trov is an on-demand insurance platform that lets you pick and choose whatever items you want covered on your policy

Technology Band Launches An Augmented Reality Platform To Promote Their New Album

Run The Jewels' merchandise unlocks customized visuals on a phone or tablet

Fitness & Sport Luxury Road Bike Brings Integrated Technology To The Next Level

SpeedX is trying to shake up the bicycle industry with a new kind of high-end cycle

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services A Bank Account That Will Pay You Mobile Data As Interest

Telefonica Deutschland has launched O2 Banking to draw new customers by offering free phone data in exchange for more online transactions

Advertising How Pornhub Is Trying To Help You Lose Weight

Time to ditch your morning run and have some early morning delight with this mobile app

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Hotel Brings Local Foods Directly To Your Room

This Hyatt is providing guests with better selection when ordering food from their rooms

Health Mobile App Crowdsources Fever Info For Hospitals

Boston Children's Hospital taps Apple's Health Research Kit for better data on fevers