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Luxury Fashion App Lets Users Window-Shop Around The World In Real-Time

Turnhills launched a window-shopping app that provides live views of storefronts around the world from brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Technology 70% Have Never Looked At A Mobile App's Terms & Conditions [Headlines]

There's growing resentment about how technology companies have been copying personal data from people's phones.

Advertising Are New Apps Like “Getting Another Flier In The Mail”? [Headlines]

Are New Apps Like “Getting Another Flier In The Mail”?

Design Rob Shoesmith, App Developer Behind Problem Halved

The British app entrepreneur talks to PSFK about the future of mobile software and how everyday thinking can lead to new innovation.

Technology Video Caller Status Updates, is a mobile service that allows visual status updates with 4-second videos and multi-platform integration.