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Technology Self-Charging Battery Keeps Your Devices Going

New mobile charging tech is being developed by scientists that uses sunlight

Health Mobile Vision Tests Powered By A Phone

A new eye examination technology could help millions around the world with uncorrected sight

Entertainment AR Installation Offers Hidden Experiences In Miami

Participants can uncover augmented reality art in site-specific locations

Technology Yondr Service Helps Venues Create Phone-Free Zones

New mobile-disabling accessory reshapes way people experience live music

Technology Attachment Turns Phones into Eye-Testing Instruments

Smart Vision Labs' SVOne aims to detect and accurately measure refractive errors

Technology Interactive Music Video Lets Viewer’s Phone Control The Action

Arcade Fire’s video for their new song 'Reflektor' uses a computer’s webcam and a mobile device to alter the scenes.

Design Create Design On Mobile Phones, Receive 3D Printed Version

Let's Create! Pottery and MakieLab both bridge digital and physical play with apps that let you send creations off to be realized.

Technology Send YouTube Videos To Google TV With Your Android Device

Watch the online videos on a bigger screen by using your phone as a remote control to pause, scroll, and skip.

Luxury Qualcomm Introduces A Smartphone For The Blind

'RAY' is a new Android smartphone that can be navigated with help from haptic vibrations and voice alerts.

Syndicated Are Museums The Perfect App Partner?

Students at the University of Leicester conceived of touchscreen devices that enhance traditional exhibits with expanded content and interactive features.

Advertising Samsung Sends Out Your Personalized Love Notes Via Snail Mail

The electronics giant launches a multi-platform Valentine's Day campaign where participants can win a Galaxy tablet.

Home Unlock Your Front Door Without A Key Thanks To NFC

Yale Locks has developed an app that can open and secure doors by simply touching your phone to the device.

Design The Top 10 Strategic Technologies For 2012

Gartner proposes the most significant and opportunity-rich technologies for businesses and organizations to evaluate for the new year.

Gaming & Play Tech Co. Marries Movement And Digital Capture For A Virtual Dodgeball Game

PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the co-founder of The Supertouch Group Sam Ewen, a company bridging the virtual/physical divide utilizing Kinect technology for virtual games played in real life.