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Design Mobile Typography in 2016: Trending Techniques in Designing for the Small Screen

Device fonts aren't just scaled down for the palm of your hand—a designer weighs in

Advertising Recycle Shampoo to Earn Points for Your Phone

Unilever Brazil exchanges shampoo bottles for cell phone credit

Technology NFC-Tagged Concrete Slab Charges Phones

O’Dea Design’s induction power blocks are wireless so people can simply place their devices on the surface to re-juice.

Retail Digital Roaming Abroad For A Fraction Of The Price

Travelers can avoid international charges and associated issues with new top-up SIM card.

Innovation Virtual Keyboard For Mobile Devices Has Users Type On Air

At the MWC, the company showed off a prototype that tracks finger movements to enable users to type on any surface.

Gaming & Play Google Chrome Game Uses Mobile Device As Desktop Controller

‘Super Sync Sports’ is a new gaming experience for up to four friends on big and small screens.

Advertising Adapter Can Power Devices For 2 Weeks Without Wall Charge

Nectar is a portable power system that lets you charge your smartphone, tablet, or e-reader without hunting for an outlet.

Home Gadi Amit: The Future Of Mobile And Cross Platform Entertainment

PSFK talks with the President of NewDealDesign about his digital device, Plair, that is helping to change the essence of multiscreen entertainment.

Technology 'Mobile Orchestra' Lets Friends Play A Carol Together On Their Phones

AKQA has teamed up with the Pacific Chamber Symphony to create an interactive experience that plays 'Carol of the Bells.'

Work What Devices Will Replace The Desktop? [Future Of Work]

As we look at how cloud computing and modular devices are augmenting workplace IT, PSFK asks readers to tell us what they need on a mobile device.

Advertising 24% Of TV Viewers Are Using A Second Screen While Watching TV [Headlines]

Increasingly Millennials are engaging with more than one device at a time. What are they using them to do?

Design T-Shirts That Can Charge Mobile Devices

Researchers from the University of South Carolina have developed a cotton T-shirt that can be used as a flexible energy storage device.

Gaming & Play Bring Your Physical LEGO Creations To Life In A Video Game [Video]

A new concept from Wonder Years called ‘BrainBricks’ lets you build a Lego creation and upload it to a mobile device to play with it in an online game.

Design Does Every App Have To Be Social? [Headlines]

A meditation on well planned design in mobile software.