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Entertainment Google Launches Stadia, "Game Platform For Everyone"

Google is aiming to disrupt the world of gaming with its own platform that allows anyone to engage in high-end video games without pricey consoles, letting them play from their own devices

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Mobile Game For Tourists Helps Reduce London Congestion

The game, hosted by famous character Mr. Bean, hopes to move tourists to less crowded areas of the city, rewarding them with points that can be exchanged at local retailers and restaurants

Retail Jurassic World AR Game Drives Players Into Walmart And AMC Locations

An immersive mobile game based on the new Jurassic World movie gives users points for visiting certain businesses, using Google Maps' latest interface to let players find virtual dinosaurs as well as battle other gamers in real time

Design Grasshopper Is A Mobile Game That Teaches Adults How To Code

Google is democratizing coding by turning it into an engaging educational mobile game, providing a user-friendly curriculum that teaches the basics of JavaScript

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Service Teaches Gamers How To Save Money

Blast is a tool that integrates with video games to help players build up 'micro-savings' through in-game achievements like beating a level or climbing a leaderboard

Advertising A Brewery In Wales Created Its Own Mobile Game

Tiny Rebel released a mobile app for players to partake in a virtual brewing journey

Automotive Mercedes Will Give A Car To The Winner Of Its Super Bowl Mobile Game

Mercedes is approaching Super Bowl advertising a little differently this year, with a mobile game designed to test finger endurance

Innovation Mobile Game Lets You Snoop Through Someone's Lost Phone

Accidental Queens' latest game allows a player to explore someone's phone to discover how they went missing

Analysis 4 Entertainment Products Bringing The Show Beyond The Screen

With everything from vegan Star Wars sneakers to Netflix cannabis, the entertainment industry gives us new ways to enjoy our favorite shows and movies

Advertising NBA’s Sacramento Kings And Nike Create An AR Experience To Help Fans Engage Outside Of Games

The collaboration resulted in an augmented reality app for fans to preview the team's new jersey and customize it

Gaming & Play 'Archer' Mobile Game Forces Players To Dust Off Their Printer

The augmented reality game inspired by the show on FX makes people use their phone to interact with physical things in their environment

Home Monument Valley Embarks onto the LEGO World

The magical and mysterious world of a mobile game may take on new life as a play set

Technology Mobile Game Encourages Players To Hold Eye Contact With Strangers

Soulfill double dares you to engage with your environment.

Technology Samsung’s Fake Unicorn Apocalypse Game Becomes A Reality

After a series of TV commercials centered around the mobile game that aired during the Oscars has been brought to life as part of a developer contest.