mobile office

Automotive Startup Offers Business Travelers Mobile Offices In Lieu Of Airplanes

Priva's mobile Sprinter vans charge by the mile and are loaded with comfortable seating and WiFi for C-suit travelers, providing them with a productive and time-saving alternative to flying

Design Mobile Office Gets Workers Out Of Cubicles And Into Nature

The outdoor co-working space is designed to give San Diego residents a healthier alternative workspace

Gaming & Play Mercedes Collaborates With Top Tech Companies To Create Mobile Workplace

Brabus' "iBusiness 3D" Viano van has been outfitted with Apple devices, a Sony 3D TV, and PS3 to create an on-the-go work and play station.

Advertising No Signal: Encouraging Interaction By Killing Coffee Shop WiFi

There is a growing movement away from the entrenched model of cafe as temporary office or free Internet usage point.

Retail (Pics) BRABUS iBusiness: Apple X Mercedes

A dream car for a gadget aficionado mixes business with pleasure.

Technology Tiny Device Offers Easy Mobile Printing

The tiny Printstik mobile printer offers simple printing on the go.

Work (Pics) The Mobile Office: An Upcycled Live/Work Space

Using only discarded materials found within a one block radius of their office, Antoine Morris and David Long built "The Mobile Office" - a self contained work/live environment.