Mobile Phone

Design Jewelry Designed to Fight Technological Distractions

London design studio creates smart accessories that help women avoid 'notification nausea'

Innovation Interactive Technology Charges Phone in a Beautiful New Way

Spira device, designed by Alice Robbiani, operates as a base station, magnetic picture frame and wall clock

Why Have Over 2,000 NoPhones Been Sold?

Purveyors of a $12 chunk of plastic have something to say (to your face, if possible), and quite a few fans backing them up

Luxury Selfie Stars Rejoice! There Are Phones for You

Microsoft jumps on the selfie-phone bandwagon with two new high-pixel devices

Technology Ethical Phone Is Made Solely From Conflict-Free Materials

The production of basic technology takes a human toll beyond environmental concerns. One designer sets out to right this wrong.

Design New Motorola Phone Snaps Together Like Connector Set

The company is developing a free, open hardware platform enabling builders to create modular devices.

Technology Basic Phone Lets Parents Keep In Touch With Their Toddlers

Only the size of a credit card, 1stfone was designed for children aged 4 to 9 to call important contacts.

Advertising Revamped Caller ID Displays Users Social Profile And Email

Thread provides social media profile data and past email exchanges of the person who is calling you on your phone.

Technology Japan Debuts Smallest, Lightest Smartphone

Willcom has created the smallest and lightest mobile in the world.

Advertising How Retailers Tracking Customers Without Their Knowledge

Discreet technology allows stores to monitor foot traffic by tapping into customers mobile phone signal.

Advertising FM Radio Finally Available On Mobile Phones

Sprint customers will be able to tune into their local radio station, anywhere.

Technology No More Waiting In Lines, Order A Drink Straight From A Smartphone [Video]

San Francisco startup creates the Coaster app to streamline the order process in bars.

Home AR App Lets Users Scan Moles To See If They Are Cancerous

Users can self-examine moles for melanoma using Doctor Mole.

Technology Reject Calls By Smacking The Smartphone

Microsoft has come up with a gesture to turn devices on silent by whacking them.