Entertainment Augmented Reality 'Gallery' At MoMA Allows Viewers To Virtually Alter Art

A non-profit artist group developed an AR app that allows the public to interact with Jackson Pollock's paintings

Fashion & Apparel Nike Found An Unlikely Launch Partner In The Museum Of Modern Art

Lucky Nike fans bought their sneakers for $175 at the unveiling at MoMA's Design Store, and now they are reselling for $1000 or more

MoMA Acquires The Original Emoji Set As A Work of Art

The museum has licensed the first 176 emojis for its growing collection of digital pictograms

Advertising Museum Of Modern Art Adds Silent Viewing Hours

For the month of October, solitude-seeking patrons can enjoy their favorite pieces beginning with a group mediation

Museum Exhibit Spotlights The Architecture Of Refugee Camps

NYC's Museum of Modern Art is hosting a show to highlight human struggle through design

MoMA Dives Into The World Of Immersive Media Storytelling

The appearance of VR technology within the museum represents a moment of recognition

Design Why PSFK Wants to Move into the MoMA Design Store

The Fall/Winter Collectionn at the MoMA Design Store of living and electronics goods make for a well-designed and connected home

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Innovation MoMA Acquires 4D-Printed Dress That Automatically Changes Shape

Created by Nervous System, the garment is the first dress made with the company's Kinematics system

Home Bridging Shoppers Wants and Needs Through Lifestyle Curation In-Store

PSFK’s Future of Retail Report 2015 looks at how retailers create meticulously curated product portfolios to align with shoppers' ideal lifestyles

Work Museum of Modern Art Invests in DIY Electronics Kits

In a modern fusion of designers and engineers, New York's MoMA has added electronics-infused pieces to its collection

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From internet developed products to experimental design ideas, we've filtered down the best events to spend your time at.

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A choreographer whose work was sold off from the gallery makes a surreptitious return – via visitors' smartphones.

Syndicated Why Artists And Critics Think The MoMA Is Selling Out

The Museum of Modern Art's expansion plan has led to a bitter row over the competing values of size and scholarship.