Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Bill Payers Can Earn Rewards And Cash On Mobile Payment Platform

Paytm lets customers exchange funds with friends Venmo-style, pay bills including taxes, utilities and credit cards, and even earn points redeemable for cash or credit with a variety of services and retailers

Design This Purse Helps People Control Their Spending Habits

The iBag2 is a connected device that vibrates and self-locks to aid shoppers prone to excess in making smarter decisions

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket What Scan And Go Shopping Could Mean For Retail Workers

Technologies modeled on Amazon's Go store are expected to be rolled out this summer, raising speculation about the future of retail jobs

Fitness & Sport This App Lets You Earn Cryptocurrency By Walking

Sweatcoin counts the number of steps a user takes per day and turns it into cryptocurrency, which can be used to purchase products on the fitness platform

Retail Money Transfer Giant Turns To Cryptocurrency For Faster Transactions

MoneyGram wants to make money transfers happen faster for customers using blockchain tech and Ripple's XRP cryptocurrency

Gen Z Gen Z Entrepreneurs Are Set To Monetize Their Creativity

PSFK's Forecast Z report describes how an entrepreneurial mindset will turn time into money for Gen Z, with digital currencies and more

Syndicated What Can We Expect From Tech In 2018?

Social networks and politics, the still unfulfilled promise of augmented reality, pay-to-play games: what might change in the year ahead

Retail Why 2017 Was The Year For Disruptors

From upstarts overtaking bigger rivals to tech firms valued more than superstores, 2017 was a year of seminal moments

Technology ATMs Could Soon Go The Way Of The Payphone

Like telephone boxes, they could become a relic of a bygone age

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services This Company Is Trying To Change The Way We Pay Bills

Broadridge has three new concepts that would make bill paying simpler and easier

Transactions & Payments This Service Turns Your Spare Change Into Cryptocurrency

With Coinflash, a user can have the change from their transactions turn into cryptocurrency

Delivery & Logistics Amazon Prime Introduces Month-By-Month Subscriptions For College Students

Prime Student subscribers can now save a little bit of money during summer break

Fitness & Sport App Uses Negative Reinforcement To Help People Reach Fitness Goals

The new Fitbit-linked app will keep users' money should they fail to keep their fitness goals

Technology Money Managers Create A Data-Driven Retirement Calculator

United Income created a retirement calculator that factors in a person's health and their spending habits to help them plan for the future