Brand Activation & Immersion Go Inside The Montreal Dry Cleaners That Takes Inspiration From A Parisian Apartment

Les Nettoyeurs White's is a neighborhood dry cleaning shop that boasts high-design touches, courtesy of Ivy Studio

Store Experience & Design Canada Goose Subzero Rooms Let Shoppers Put Parkas To The Test

These frigid fitting rooms help recreate winter conditions so shoppers can test out the functionality of the outerwear company's goods, offering consumers an interesting yet practical immersive store experience

Fashion & Apparel Fashion Retailer Bases Its First Brick-And-Mortar Store On Appointments

Shoppers at Ssense's new Montreal store are encouraged to browse the retailer's online inventory and book a next-day appointment to try and purchase items in person

Food & Beverage Montreal Supermarket Opens Up A Huge Rooftop Garden

IGA supermarket owner Richard Duchemin took the city's request seriously to install a green roof to his building the extra green mile

Gaming & Play Illuminated Cylinders Display Fairy Tales When People Get Inside To Power Them

Inspired by zoetropes, Loop places visitors inside the art to watch a story unfold

Syndicated Can Montreal Fight Gentrification By Banning Restaurants?

A controversial law limiting new restaurant openings has pitted business owners against those who believe they are fighting for Canada’s ‘culture capital’

Matchmaking Service Connects People Looking For Knowledge Instead Of Dates

'Brain dating' service pairs like-minded people to share skills and wisdom

Design Megaphone Transforms City Dwellers’ Voices Into Projected Imagery [Video]

Public art installation gives people an opportunity to speak out and voice their opinion, leaving behind visual "footprint" in Montreal.

Innovation Anti-Surveillance Dresses Shield Wearer At The First Sight Of Cameras [Video]

Fashion designer Ying Gao’s Playtime collection consists of dresses made with sensors and software underneath that can tell when a camera is focused on the wearer.

Innovation Electric Carsharing Program Launches in Canada

Communauto announces its fleet of e-cars for a pilot program in Montreal.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel New LAX Terminal Aims To Recapture The Luxury Of Flying [Video]

The international airport's 19,000 square ft. of video screens hopes to inspire passengers and inject excitement back into the hassle of travel.

Street Artist Creates Beautiful Murals Using Cake Icing [Pics]

Shelley Miller swaps spray cans for cake decorating accessories.

Technology App Provides A Minute By Minute Weather Forecast

SkyMotion paves the way for reinventing weather forecasting.