Home Artist Wants To Put A Self-Assembling Cottage On The Moon

Artist wants to crowdfund $15 million to send a house into space.

Advertising The First Commercial Product Will Advertise On The Moon By 2015

Japanese company Otsuka is planning to send a can of its powdered sports drink, along with etched messages from children on a lunar mission.

Innovation NASA’s Moon Garden Explores Potential Of Lunar Living

Space organization announced plans to grow vegetables like basil and turnips on the moon inside of protective terrariums.

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Google and Facebook take a cue from Ask Jeeves, and more secure $100 bills will hit the streets tomorrow as planned.

Design Flexible Concrete Case Protects iPhones From Harm [Pics]

Tough skin for your smartphone looks just like the surface of the moon.

Technology NASA Photographer Depicts The Planets As If They Were Closer To Earth [Pics]

Pictures give new perspective on the size of other galaxies.

Design Architects Imagine 3D Printing A Base On The Moon Using Lunar Soil

Foster + Partners have joined up with the European Space Agency to test the feasibility of creating structures on the Moon.

Innovation NASA's Robot Helps Extract Water From The Moon

RASSOR is a multi-purpose transportation device that can mine for resources.

Gaming & Play 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Apple has plans to manufacture in the USA, the NYPD and Occupy Wall Street work together after Sandy, and commercial trips to the moon may soon be a reality...Links to start your day with.

Retail 11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Facebook lets you vote on policy changes, Mashable goes public with its new design, and China has plans to farm on the moon...Links to start your day with.

Advertising Key Trend: Using Gaming To Embed Knowledge

Educators are building game experiences as a way to create an intuitive and engaging environment for players of any skill-level to deepen their knowledge about a wide-range of social and academic topics.

Technology The Highest Resolution Map Of The Moon, Ever

A research team for NASA based in Arizona released a map covering 98.2% of the moon's surface, composed of 69,000 stereo images.

Innovation NASA Prepares For Moon Tourism [Headlines]

USA Today reports on the space agencies planning to promote moon-landing sites to future tourists.

Advertising Domino's Pizza Plans To Open A Restaurant On The Moon

The latest in a series of out-of-the-box makreting ideas Japan President, Scott K. Oelkers, explains how this feat will take place.