Merchandising & Curation Budweiser's Special Red Cups Light Up When World Cup Fans Cheer

The beer brand is bringing the spirit of the 2018 FIFA World Cup to its interactive glassware, which glows red when users chant or clap, and functions as a key promotion for the long-time World Cup partner

Design Entire Building Is Imprinted With The Design Of A Circuit Board

An exhibition building in Russia was given an exterior design to make it look like it was covered by a circuit board

Technology 3D-Printed House Can Be Built In One Day

San Francisco-based Apis Cor is able to fabricate concrete walls for modestly sized homes in under 24 hours

Technology Machine Records Ambient Noise To Remix Sounds From Reality

Collector is a device that detects sounds and composes them into a unique soundtrack

Design These Book Bags Let You Wear Your Favorite Novel

Russian design duo created the purses to look like literary classics, cover and all

Advertising Coffee Brand Only Sells Its Product On The Deep Web

Moscow coffee company Chernyi Cooperative created a first-of-its kind ad campaign via the Darknet to sell its beans

Work Billboard Hides Itself from Russian Authorities

To work around the Russian embargo of Western foods, this Italian grocery store in Moscow commissioned a clever ad solution

Home Musical Postcards Create Tones When Read Aloud

A new art project penetrates the world of bar codes in a distinctly human way.

Luxury Louis Vuitton Creates Giant Replicas That Can’t Be Missed For Upcoming Exhibition [Video]

Luxury fashion brand reconstructs a huge version of its traditional luggage in Moscow’s Red Square.

Work Projection Mapping Installation Reduces Building To Its Wireframe [Video]

A submission by Russian design duo Stain shown at the Circle of Light Festival in Moscow is inspired by the building's structure.

Advertising Spacious Van Doubles As A Hostel That Can Be Booked Online [Video]

BBDO Russia transformed the vehicle in order to show off its roomy interior, offering a double bed, free wi-fi and an adjacent bathroom.

Design DIY Traveling Pop-Up Cinema Occupies Moscow Courtyards

A sustainability-themed mobile movie theater made from reclaimed wooden pallets raises awareness about environmental issues in urban spaces.

Home Top 20 Cities For New Ideas

HubCulture updates its list of the most influential global hubs.

Gaming & Play Challenge Of Running A City Turned Into Multi-player Game [Future Of Gaming]

‘Crowdsourced Moscow 2012: A Public Space Game’ imagines real public space in Moscow being managed democratically online in a simulator that turns the challenge of running city projects into an interactive, multi-player game.