Motion Capture

Analysis How Fitness Brands Use Wearables To Enable Personalized Digital Coaching

Wearable technology and digital coaching combine to offer consumers a customized health routine powered by artificial intelligence

Retail eBay Customers Can Browse Its App By Nodding Their Head

eBay is enabling iPhone X users to browse its app completely hands-free thanks to its Headgaze feature, tracking customers' head movements and translating them into cursor gestures

Children Nickelodeon To Offer Viewers Virtual And Augmented Reality Series

Called Meet the Voxels, the show was created in a gaming engine and will feature a family of video-game characters

Post Purchase Service & Support AI-Powered Fitness App Gives Users In-Workout Feedback On Their Squat Form

Kaia Health's interactive app tracks movement with a 16-point system that compares users' form against the ideal pose, offering exercisers a virtual personal trainer and customized feedback at the most opportune moment for improvement

Features How Gestural Commands Are Making Interfaces Seamless And Intuitive

Gesture controls allow users to make the most of technology with natural movements, increasing convenience and reducing screen time

Advertising Gatorade 3D Printer Creates Human Figures In Cascading Drops Of Water

The device, created to promote the brand's G Active bottled water, used motion capture and 3D modeling to render bodies in motion in real time

Entertainment AI Is Working To Make Moviegoers More Emotional

An AI algorithm can predict which parts of a film will generate the greatest emotional responses in audiences

Brand Activation & Immersion Virtual Tennis Lets Fans Feel Like They Are Playing At The US Open

American Express wants to create a better experience for tennis fans in a live gaming installation

Design Wall Clock's Numbers Are Only Visible From Certain Angles

Inspired by motion capture technology, the MOCAP bamboo clock creates an optical illusion when you walk around it.

Technology Point-And-Shoot Digicam Creates 3D Models

The Lynx A is a tablet-shaped device that can be used for scene modeling, object modeling, and motion capture.

Design 3D Graffiti Sculptures Take Tags Off The Wall

Artist Evan Roth studies the strokes and movements street artists make and builds 3D models.

Technology Robot Perfectly Recreates Ancient Japanese Calligraphy

The Motion Copy System can identify and store complex brush strokes, enabling a robot to reproduce them as if it were a human.

Technology Vibrating Suit Fine Tunes Athletes’ Techniques

A research project from Birmingham City University gives the wearer feedback about their position and highlights movement errors.

Advertising The Immersive Cocoon: A Full 3D Experience

A design and advertising firm has created a 360-degree interior dome-display that aims to provide a full sense of visual immersion.