motion detection

Home Future Apple iOS Could Include Motion Detection & Eye-Tracking

Navigate your iPhone using nothing but a simple movement of your head.

Technology Turn Your Mac Into A Motion Sensor Home Security System

An affordable alternative to monitoring your home when you're on the go.

Work Smart Sleeves That Will Improve Workplace Efficiency

Sensors worn on arms can measure various assembly worker movements and motion sequences to improve performance.

Technology New Gesture-Controlled Smartphone Unveiled

Pantech's Vega LTE uses eyeSight's recognition technology to detect motion.

Technology Surveillance Robot Can Detect Breathing Through Concrete Walls

The Cougar20-H device can track both movement and motionless living objects at a distance.

Innovation Hearing Loss And Vision Enhancement

Researchers have been able to solve a long standing mystery about the deaf and their extraordinary vision.

Technology MobileASL: Delivering Sign Language Over Low Bandwidth Cell Phone Networks

Engineers are developing an efficient technology that will enable deaf people to communicate via mobile device.