motion sensing

Design Concept Phone Works As A Universal Remote For IoT Devices

By understanding the world around it, this phone unlocks a singular experience for controlling your smart home

Entertainment Nintendo's New Console Pushes For Portable Gaming

The Switch allows gamers to seamlessly play on the go by themselves or with friends

Home IKEA Motivational Mirror Provides Reflection, Morale Boost

The Swedish furniture retailer uses a talking mirror to make customers feel better about themselves

Technology Tweeting Bird Feeder Brings Wildlife Closer To The Internet Of Things

The Feeder Tweeter is a solar-powered, motion-sensing device that takes photos and uploads them as birds land on it.

Retail London's Interactive NikeFuel Station Breaks Digital Design Boundaries

The highly digitized retail storefront mixes digital services and physical consumer experiences that inspire and inform today's digitally-enabled athlete.

Gaming & Play Gesture Capturing Screen 'Gamifies' Fitness At The Gym [Future Of Gaming]

Bally’s total Fitness has leveraged the capabilities of SoftKinect technology to install gesture-based interactive video walls at their gyms.

Innovation Educational Game Leverages Kinect To Make Learning Fun [Future Of Gaming]

Microsoft has released a series of ‘playful learning’ video games that function with the controller-free, motion-sensing device, Kinect for Xbox 360.

Advertising Coke Launches Interactive Campaign With Motion Detection App

Coca Cola releases app that allows users to collect virtual bottle caps by synching their phones with a TV commercial.

Work Plick Turns Everyday Objects Into Programmable Toys

Gabriel Paciornik's project is both an engaging and creative way of exploring interactivity in everyday objects.

Gaming & Play Gesture-Based Web Browsing Using Microsoft Kinect

DepthJS connects any web page with Kinect's motion-sensing technology to enable hands-off web navigation.

Design Intel Remote Recognizes Users By Movements

A new device uses motion sensing technology to understand who is using it.