motion tracking

Design Sleep Tracking Comes To Fitbit

The company wants to help their users to have a restful night's sleep by tracking their motion and heart rate

Technology How Motion Tracking Is Finding Its Way Into Design Craftsmanship

Expanding on traditional modeling, a Toronto-based designer is experimenting with how physical gestures can generate functional 3D topographies

Technology These Glasses Let You Control A Computer With Your Head

GlassOuse uses head movement and bite force to track the mouse

Technology Have A Meeting With A Hologram Thanks To This Technology

Microsoft's Holoportation Demo Showcases the Future of AR

Technology Virtual Reality Sandbox Shows The Movement Of Natural Terrain [Video]

Real-time topography gives children and adults an interactive way to learn about landscape

Technology MIT Can Put A Digital Interface On Any Object

Household items could be the new way to take control of computer systems.

Design Smart Trashcan Anticipates Where You’ll Throw Trash, Moves To Retrieve It [Video]

The concept gadget has a motorized wheel base and uses a Kinect to track the trajectory of what is thrown so it can catch it.

Technology Eye-Tracking Takes Viewers Into The Stadium From Their Couch [Video]

New technology allows you to control what you want to see in the big game by following your eye movements.

Gaming & Play Video Game Simulator Translates Experience Into The Real World

The Gadget Show has developed a room for a new video game rigged with paintball guns that will actually fire at participants.

Design New Display Translates Motion Into Digital Environments

T(ether) offers real time 1:1 hand and face tracking that can foster collaboration across several devices.

Advertising Wave-Of-The-Hand Window Shopping

A prototype conceived by the Fraunhofer Institute of Germany aims to change traditional retail store-fronts into gesture controlled points for browsing store inventory.

Innovation Kinect Innovation Enhances Customer Interaction

The motion sensing technology is used to clarify sales conversations.

Gaming & Play Microsoft Kinect: Going Beyond Controller-Free Gaming

The new add-on for XBox 360 could inspire new ways of human-machine interaction besides just gaming and entertainment.

Video (Video) Motion Tracked Graffiti Sculptures

Movement and shape help define the form of these 3D printed objects.