Movie Theaters

Entertainment AMC Is Bringing Virtual Reality Experiences Into Its Theaters

The theater chain has invested in Dreamscape Immersive with the goal of expanding the scope of cinematic storytelling

Delivery & Logistics Netflix Co-Founder's Next Disruptive Service Offers Daily Movie Tickets For $10 Per Month

MoviePass allows subscribers to see movies in theaters for a low monthly fee, following in Netflix's footsteps

Home How Movie Theaters Plan To Overcome The Pull Of Laptop Viewing

AMC Entertainment is focusing on improved food and drink options, and letting customers reserve seats in advance.

Technology Microsoft Patent Would Automatically Silence Phones In Movie Theaters

The company's idea would dim the phone's screen and make alerts less distracting when GPS signals and certain lighting or sound factors were met.

‘Bike-In-Theater' Aims To Provide A New Take On The Traditional Drive-In

Pop-up movie theaters ask attendees to ride their bikes in and projects hit movies onto abandoned building walls.

Design DIY Traveling Pop-Up Cinema Occupies Moscow Courtyards

A sustainability-themed mobile movie theater made from reclaimed wooden pallets raises awareness about environmental issues in urban spaces.

Innovation China Loves The IMAX 3D [Headlines]

Now China is the film industry's biggest source of new growth, a cinema technology group is investing in more screens across the country.

Technology Order Popcorn From Your Theater Seat By Scanning The Arm Of Your Chair

QkR by Mastercard will let people avoid long lines and order after sitting in the theater using a mobile payment system.

Advertising Fandango To Begin Offering Digital Ticketing At Select Theaters

The online ticketing giant will forgo physical copies of tickets to make going to the movies simpler and less stressful.

Technology Subtitle Glasses Make It Easier For The Hearing Impaired To Go To The Movies

New technology could make going to the movies a more convenient and enjoyable experience for the hearing impaired.

Innovation Theater Pairs Films With Science Lectures

The Coolidge Corner Theater in Boston has taken an intriguing approach to enhancing the theater experience.