Home Abuse Victims Get a Hand From Muscle-Bound Movers

Meathead Movers is partnering with local shelters to help victims of domestic abuse move free of charge

Advertising Cardboard Room Set = Half-Hour Moves

Room In a Box is entire set of furniture mailed to your door inside of a cardboard box

Luxury aboutPLACE Makes it Easy to Evaluate and Compare Cities Before You Move

Choose from 110 lifestyle preferences to narrow down your perfect home

Design Gaze-Activated Dress Lights Up When Looked At [Video]

Organic dresses use eye-tracking technology to provide an interactive experience.

Live Music Festival Played On A Moving Bus

Orignal Buff recently organized the Non Flat Music Fest, a performance which used a moving bus as its stage.

Advertising IKEA Posters Fold Out Into Moving Boxes

The popular furniture maker adds value by providing free moving boxes and discounts in a time of need.

Design The Myth Of Mobility In America

The Made in America blog casts in interesting contrarian argument about the idea of mobility in America.