Design Flexible Lamp Transforms Into Side Table [Pics]

‘Switch-It’ is a design that looks like a regular floor light but the shade can be pushed flat to form a functioning, occasional use table.

Design BMW Customizable Dashboard Lets Users Design Their Instrument Panel [Pics]

The driver can select the gauges visible by four modes: Standard, Comfort, Eco Pro and Sport, which can be further customized by color and information displayed.

Work Office Chair To Bed In 30 Seconds [Pic]

The AnyChair allows an easy way for office workers to get some rest.

Design Minimalist Heating Stools [Pics]

I-radium designs have created a line of remarkable portable infrared radiators which double as furniture.

Work (Pics) Unidentified Magical Object

The U.M.O is an ambiguous object designed to spark creativity.

Design Verena Lang's Transforming Picture Table

The Picture Table by Verena Lang folds up flush against the wall when not in use, taking on the form of a framed piece of art.

Design The World's Largest Multi-Touch Wall

The ring°wall is the largest multi-touch, multi-user display wall in the world.