Analysis How Stores Like Nike Are Leveraging The Best Of Experiential Retail With Multi-Purpose Design

From PSFK's Reinventing Retail Through Experience-First Shopping report, here's how two leading brands are employing purposeful experiential retail by engaging customers at every touchpoint throughout the physical store

Design Convertible Ping Pong Table Is Suitable For Dinner Parties

Functional furniture has multiple purposes for home or office use.

Design Lamp Unfolds From Inside A Book

Lumio is a multi-purpose light fixture that can be transformed into multiple shapes for different functions.

Innovation Bus Station Of The Future Lets Riders Buy Snacks, Recharge Phone [Pics]

Marc Aurel's 'Station Diderot' project is a public transit shelter that makes life easier by providing lots of services in one place.

Design Multi-Purpose Storage Units Meet The Needs Of Small Spaces [Pics]

This simple, wooden furniture collection by Italian designer Simone Simonelli has dual functions for smaller homes.

Innovation Microsoft's Gesture-Based Multifunctional Stylus

A recent prototype design becomes different devices as its position in space is changed.

Luxury (Pic) Chanel Comb Sunglasses

A curious design from Channel offers multiple functions.

Home (Pics) Home Core: Futuristic Bathroom Concept Helps Conserve Water

Dang Jingwei's Home Core concept design fuses together a sink, toilet mirror and table into one sleek device.

Design Upcycled Clothing Transforms Into Camping Gear

University of the Arts in Philly students Jin Hong, Sebastian Brauer, Ji In Sun, and Jackie Starker have designed a series of "durable, watertight, and wind-resistant garments that are lightweight enough for everyday wear yet easily convertible into tents or sleeping bags that can brave the elements."

Advertising Meatwater, Weddings and Sweatshops: 303 Grand's Multi-Purpose Retail Space

This space is 303 Grand, a "revolving storefront" operated by digital marketing agency Street Attack. Their mission is to offer people, brands, artists and organizations the chance to create temporary and engaging retail environments on a limited budget or time commitment. Rates for the space can go as low as $300 USD, and it can be rented for one day to three months.