Design A Wearable Multi-Tool You Can Take Anywhere

The Leatherman TREAD combines 29 different applications in one customizable device

Multi-Tool iPhone Case Prepares People For On-the-Go Emergencies [Video]

The IN1 iPhone case comes with various tools like a pen, screwdriver, nail file, and scissors.

Advertising Father’s Day Gift Set Comes With Bacon [Video]

A bizarre new gift idea jumps on the bacon trend for the dad who has everything.

Innovation Traveling 3D Printer Fits Into A Briefcase [Video]

PopFab from MIT is a mini multi-tool that combines a 3D printer, CNC milling machine, vinyl cutter, and programmable drawing device.

Retail Quirky's Community-Influenced Modular Pocket Knife

Switch is a swiss-style multi tool that was created as a result of feedback and inputs from a community site.

Design (Pic) A Bit Cross

A simple multi-tool doubles as a necklace.