Design Apple’s Ambitious Plans For 3D Multitouch Technology

The company has big plans with the technology it helped popularize through its products.

Advertising Apple Wins Strategic Multitouch Gesturing Patent

Apple has won a patent for a sophisticated multi-touch gesturing system for touch screen based devices.

Retail Future Of Retail: Massive Multitouch Displays

Finnish company, MultiTouch, is exploring the potential applications of deploying massive multitouch displays in public settings.

Technology Multitouch Interface Generates Input From Feet

German researchers at the Hasso Plattner Institut have designed a multitouch interface that translates pressure from a user's feet into computer inputs.

Gaming & Play Poker Application Uses Multi-Touch Table And Cellphones To Play

Poker Surface is a game application that lets users play poker with a multi-touch table and cell phone.

Multitouch Game Interface Simulates Solar Energy Infrastructures

The Strukt team of interaction designers has developed a multi-touch interface which educates visitors on the challenges of building a solar energy infrastructure.

Design Future Ocean Explorer: A Massive Multitouch Screen

The Future Ocean Explorer is a massive multitouch platform designed for the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts.

Technology Architectural Design Team Concepts Uses For A Wall Of iPads

ClarkeHopkinsClarke is an Australian architectural design team that has drafted a concept interior space featuring a wall of iPads.