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Technology Music Album Made Entirely On Vine [Video]

Musician Aidan John Moffat (also known as L. Pierre) has released his latest offering via eight videos using the platform.

Design Rock Band Album Released On Retro Floppy Disk

Ghidoragh has released Threat Level Ultra as a special edition box set including a 3.5” disk, poster, artwork and a game manual.

Innovation Ex-Groupon CEO To Release Album Of Motivational Office Music

Andrew Mason has recorded his first album, Hardly Workin’, which is targeted at young people newly entering the workforce.

Technology Album Morphs Every Time It's Listened To And Never Sounds The Same Twice

Tender Metal from Gwilym Gold is a constantly evolving digital album that uses software called Bronze to reconfigure the tracks.

Technology Stream New Albums For Free By Dancing To The Music

A motion-detecting feature ensures that the songs will play only as long as the listener is moving to the beat, or at least moving the phone.

Technology Singer Holds Digital Album Signing On Google+

Ellie Goulding hosted the online event in a Hangout yesterday on the social network, where she also answered fans' questions.

Technology Band Hides Tickets To Their Shows That Fans Can Find With Geo-Tweets

Irish pop band The Script launched an online interactive geo-social media campaign to generate hype for their third album, #3.

Advertising Band Shares Album With A Single Fan & Tracks How Long It Takes To Go Viral

The xx collaborated with Microsoft to create a site with a visualization that shows how 'Coexist' was digitally shared from just one person.

Design Shepard Fairey Collaborates With Neil Young For Americana Album [Pics]

The designer, famous for creating the iconic Obama campaign image, has created a painting for each track on the singer's new album, which features reinterpreted classic American folk songs.

Advertising Red Bull Creates Interactive Billboard That Passersby Must Help Complete

To promote Jessie Ware’s new album 'Devotion', fans were invited to fill in dots on the billboard while listening to the music, ultimately revealing an image of the singer’s face.

Beck’s New Album Will Be Released As Sheet Music Only

‘Beck Hansen’s Song Reader’ is being released by McSweeney's in December and will feature 20 songs, each with full-color original art.

Technology The Return Of Liner Notes: Scion Releases Album As Booklet

The music division of the auto brand is using a printed mini zine as a placeholder for digital music.