music box

Design 3D-Printed Music Box Plays Customer-Composed Songs

The medieval device gets a modern makeover.

Design Wind-Up Music Box Adds A Soundtrack To A Comic Strip [Video]

Mieru Record is a contraption that combines sound and manga, feeding in cells from a comic strip to produce accompanying music.

Advertising Toy Train Tracks Double As A Music Box [Video]

New design encourages children to create their own music.

Advertising Band’s Business Cards Play Music [Video]

An Electronica group creates a more musical way to make an introduction.

Technology Bespoke Music Box Helps Dementia Patients Remember [Pics]

Graduate student uses music and RFID technology to evoke and helo recover memories of elderly people.

Technology Wooden Attachment Turns iPad Into Hand-Cranked Music Boxes [Video]

By slowly turning the lever, users are able to generate sounds and visual content.

Work Kinetic Sculptures Make Art Out Of The Mundane [Pics]

Functional robots offer a study in simple interactions between user and object