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Advertising SPIN Publisher: Music Publications Must Develop A New Media Strategy

PSFK chats with Mike Albanese about his magazine's redesign and how 'in today's media environment, it's innovate or die.'

Technology The Streets Tweet Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure Music Video

'Computer and Blues' is a series of interactive music videos by The Streets, where the viewer is taken on an interactive adventure.

Technology Cake Tops Billboard Chart With Record Breaking Low Sales

According to Nielsen Soundscan, Cake's "Showroom of Compassion" sold 44,000 and now carries the honor of the lowest-selling Number One in chart history.

Luxury Interactive Platform Promotes And Distributes A Single Song

Viinyl is a platform, allowing musicians to create an interactive website that promotes a single track - with video, music player, sharing, free downloads and email capture.

Work What Do Record Labels Mean Today?

Chris Blackwell, founder of Island Records, provides insights on how the role of the record label has changed.

Design Robyn Releases Interactive Beat Machine

Robyn launches the Interactive Beat Machine, creating a personalized way for fans to remix her track.

Advertising The Effectiveness Of Print Vs. Online Publicity

Music publicists respond to the question: "Do you feel that there’s more prestige in having the article appear online or in print?"