music player

Children Children's Jukebox Controlled By Figurines And Tokens

The music player and Wi-Fi enabled speaker lets kids start a song by placing toys on it

Advertising Subaru Creates Mini Car Orchestra To Showcase Collision Avoidance System

The tiny vehicles were fitted with stereoscopic cameras and speakers that played a series of sounds.

Design Wireless Touchscreen Music Player Connects To Any Device

The Olive ONE enables you to play your whole library of music and videos from YouTube, and it has built-in Pandora and Spotify.

Innovation Tiny Wooden Box Is A Real World Spotify Radio

'Skube' is a small touch-controlled music player that streams songs and can be used to discover new music or play your favorite pre-loaded tracks.

Design Hot Plate & DJ Turntable Plays Music As it Cooks [Pics]

DJ Cooker plays music as you start to cook and you can tap along on the small controller plate to the hip-hop rhythm.

Design Wireless Vinyl Player Is A Mixing Board And Turntable In One [Pics]

Designer Kőrös Benedek updates the record player with Golden Era, which features advanced technology like DLNA and Airplay.

Technology Siri-Style Music Player Comes To The Windows Phone

New app helps users manage their media library simply through voice commands.

Shazam Debuts iTunes Competitor [Headlines]

The mobile music identifier challenges Apple's monopoly on the market.

Innovation Motorola's New Device Fuses Music And Fitness

The MOTOACTV is a sophisticated fitness tracker, smart music player and revolutionary training system all in one.

Advertising Playbutton Gives A New Physical Presence To The Album

This great design hybrid turns an accessory into a portable music player.