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Entertainment How AI Is Enabling Innovative Musical Collaboration

Music startups are increasingly employing AI-enabled music platforms that cater towards collaborative and sharable musical experiences, democratizing the industry by allowing users to act as creators

Beauty How Brands Are Focusing On Live-Stream Content To Generate Excitement And Drive Sales

From fashion and beauty retailers to the realm of food and beverage, brands are focusing their efforts on enabling live shoppable content, catering to the instant gratification trend among consumers as well as building better rapport with their audience

Brand Activation & Immersion Bacardi Creates Consumer-Chosen Content For Its IGTV Debut

The spirits company made its fans part of the production process, allowing them to vote on what locations and camera angles to use via Instagram polls, letting its consumers have an active role in brand content creation

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Music Video Composed Entirely of Stock Media Shows Potential For Future Content Creators

This borrowed-media project is the first of its kind, and showcases the breadth and user-friendliness of the Getty Images database as well as its untapped potential for content makers

Children Cartoon Network And Dove Team Up To Encourage Body Confidence

The companies partnered to create body-positive cartoons that counter the often unhealthy messaging in media aimed at children

Advertising Nike Created A Full Music Video With A Korean Rap Star

Nike teamed up with rapper Jay Park to create a music video for its latest campaign, timed to the Winter Olympics in South Korea

Retail A World-Renowned Makeup Artist Is Selling Her New Collection On Spotify

Professional makeup artist Pat McGrath is using the streaming platform to reach new customers

Advertising Pitchfork Is Launching Its Own VR Music Channel

The website hopes to push the boundaries of music videos and concert coverage

Syndicated Why South Korea's Thriving Capital Is Having An Identity Crisis

Seoul is a city struggling to define its brand, but why?

Retail YouTube Wants Watching Online Videos To Be A More Social Experience

Google has announced that their Uptime app will be available to the public rather than on an invite-only interface

Food & Beverage Bacardi's Major Lazer Snapchat Lens Lets People Star In Their Own Music Video

Bacardi launches a Snapchat lens for fans to make a music video of a Major Lazer song featuring their selfies

Entertainment Experimental Music Video Evolves Every Time It's Played

This experiment in algorithmic filmmaking shows the Internet in a curved mirror

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Airbnb Branches Out Of Hospitality With 'Music Experiences'

The room sharing service is expanding to offer travelers music-based travel packages through a partnership with Sofa Sounds

Technology Stella Artois Has Created A Music Video You Can Taste

An interactive website lets you alter the flavor of beer based on what you are hearing