musical instrument

Design These Mouthpieces Turn Ordinary Fruits And Veggies Into Musical Instruments

The ‘Player’s Pflute’ features a collection of mouthpieces that turn ordinary produce into a range of instruments

Children Creative Musical Instrument Helps Kids Learn Basic Coding

Musicon aims to promote the development of social, motor, and computational skills

Technology Transform Any Everyday Object Into A Virtual Musical Instrument

The AR Music Kit lets you create a DIY experience with just paper and your phone's camera

Home Maraca Popcorn Maker Adds Amusement to Popping Kernels

Maracas de Popcorn is a unique popcorn making set that encourages the combination of cooking and dancing

Design Da Vinci Sketch Brought To Life As A Playable Instrument [Video]

A Polish concert pianist has turned one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s 15th century sketches into a physical object called the 'Viola organista'.

Technology Using The Human Face As An Electric Instrument [Video]

Digital artist Daito Manabe turns people into controllers for experimental music performances.

Design ‘BeetBox’ Turns Veggies Into A Drum Kit [Video]

Scott Garner's project is a musical instrument that uses beets and is powered by a Raspberry Pi.

Design Play A Piano By Walking Up These Stairs [Video]

The 54 steps in Wulin Plaza, China, resemble black and white keys and play different notes when stepped on.

Advertising Harvard Promotes Community With Interactive Subway Installation [Video]

For their recent campaign that stresses cooperation and working together, Harvard Pilgrim installed a giant collaborative musical instrument in a Boston subway station.

Design Bike Powers An Orchestral Musical Instrument

The 'Cyclo-phone' by Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente in NYC let users make music, with the speed of cycling translating into different sounds and rhythms.

Design Airpiano: The Touch-Free Musical Instrument [Video]

The interface allows intuitive interaction with keys and faders by using simple hand gestures.

Gaming & Play Game Boy Music Video

YouTube user creates music using the classic gadget as a percussive instrument.