musical instruments

Design CES 2015: Muzik Technology Integrates Across Audio Devices

Smart drumsticks generate high-quality sound using motion sensors and augmented reality, extension of first ever smart hearphones

Innovation Yuri Suzuki Crafts Music From Old Devices

One city's trash is another artist's creation as a group of creatives crafts musical instruments from discarded electronics

Home Arts Thread: Students At The Piet Zwart Institute Reimagine Musical Instruments

Milan Design Week projects explore declarations and reinstatements of musical soundscape.

Work Composer Turns Bicycle Into A Musical Instrument [Video]

Using only sounds created with a bike, Johnnyrandom creates an entire song entitled “Bespoken.”

Technology Musical Instruments Set Off Sound-Responsive Laser Beam Show [Video]

Interdisciplanary design studio Arcade created a laser installation to accompany Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring.

Advertising Red Stripe Hacks Beers To Play Song When They're Touched

The lager brand turned ordinary objects on the shelves and floors into an orchestra, rigged to play when someone grabbed its product from the fridge.

Advertising Rock Out With Pringles Crunch Band [Video]

The free app for iPhone and Android lets you play musical instruments by shaking your mobile phone.

Innovation Guitar Embedded With LEDs To Assist Learning [Video]

A prototype demonstrates how programmable objects can provide soft visual cues to help new learners.

Advertising On Demand, Mobile Culture Creation

Atomic Tom uses iPhones and instrument simulators to create a remarkable subway performance.

Design (Video) Camper's Giant Musical Instrument

Spanish band Klein plays a room-sized environmental synthesizer.

Instrument Uses Ball Bearings To Generate Music

Bearings Glocken is a Japanese made instrument that automatically plays the glockenspiel.

Work 10 Futuristic Musical Instruments

PSFK investigates a selection of imaginative, experimental music making devices.