musical instruments

Design Device Turns Any Guitar Into A Music Teacher

Fret Zealot is an app and connected LED kit that attaches to any guitar to help people learn songs

Entertainment Yamaha’s Smart Piano Can Teach You How To Play

It’s the first of the company’s pianos that integrates with a tablet

Technology MIT’s Experimental Keyboard Is Unlike Any Instrument You’ve Seen Before

The fabric keyboard lets musicians actively interact with the keys to produce a variety of sounds

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Portable Digital Musical Instrument Made For Nomads And Travelers

Designer Orit Dolev made a minimalist digital guitar for people to take with them on their travels to share the universal culture of music

Design These Mouthpieces Turn Ordinary Fruits And Veggies Into Musical Instruments

The ‘Player’s Pflute’ features a collection of mouthpieces that turn ordinary produce into a range of instruments

Entertainment Sony's Experimental Wristband Transforms Body Movements Into Sound

The Motion Sonic project translates motion into one of five presets

Design Connected Ukulele Can Teach You A Song In 15 Minutes

The device connects to an accompanying app to teach aspiring musicians to play chords and songs

Children Creative Musical Instrument Helps Kids Learn Basic Coding

Musicon aims to promote the development of social, motor, and computational skills

Technology Electric Keyboard Claims To Make It Easy To Learn The Piano

The DODEKA keyboard not only presents an easier to play model, but also a new way of writing music

Food & Beverage Nestlé's Holiday Machine Plays Christmas Music As It Brews Coffee

This massive Rube Goldberg machine plays music while customers order their drinks

Gaming & Play CES 2015: Muzik Technology Integrates Across Audio Devices

Smart drumsticks generate high-quality sound using motion sensors and augmented reality, extension of first ever smart hearphones

Innovation Yuri Suzuki Crafts Music From Old Devices

One city's trash is another artist's creation as a group of creatives crafts musical instruments from discarded electronics

Home Arts Thread: Students At The Piet Zwart Institute Reimagine Musical Instruments

Milan Design Week projects explore declarations and reinstatements of musical soundscape.

Work Composer Turns Bicycle Into A Musical Instrument [Video]

Using only sounds created with a bike, Johnnyrandom creates an entire song entitled “Bespoken.”