Innovation MIT Turns Any Transparent Surface Into A Display Screen [Video]

Nanoparticles embedded in sheets of plastic could offer a new medium of advertisements in the future.

Innovation Control Diabetes For 10 Day Stretches With Injectable Nanoparticles

A new way to keep the disease in check would negate the need for daily injections.

Innovation A Smartphone That Heals Itself

Researchers have developed a "repair-and-go" approach to fixing small-surface cracks on digital devices using nanoparticles.

Technology Spray-On Antenna Can Turn Anything Into A Cell Phone Signal Booster

An aerosol can full of nanocapacitators unveiled at Google's Solve for X conference can boost phone reception.

Advertising New iPhone Hack Tracks Sodium And Glucose

Fluorescent nanoparticles and an iPhone sensor may soon help people track sodium and glucose levels in their blood, thanks to innovators from the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Northeastern University.

Technology Nanosensor Tattoo Monitors Sodium Or Glucose Levels With Your iPhone

New technology could offer a simpler, less painful way to track people's health.

Innovation Nanoparticles Could Turn Trees Into Streetlights

A Taiwanese researcher's innovative use of nanotechnology allows trees to glow.

Innovation Nanoparticle Solar Film Allows Buildings To Generate Their Own Power

A spray-on material transforms an ordinary window into an energy generator.