National University of Singapore

Design This Electronic Cocktail Glass Can Make Water Taste Like Any Drink

Enjoy the flavor, minus the buzz, with a cocktail glass that tricks your senses

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Scientists are attempting to recreate flavors using virtual data and a glass of regular water

Technology Are Robot Swans the Future of Water Testing?

The NUSwans are being used by researchers in Singapore to monitor water conditions like pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and chlorophyll

Design Spiky Vest Fends Off Public Transit Crowds

Industrial designer creates a weapon to fight for your personal space.

Stimulating Electrode May Let People Taste The Internet [Video]

You could soon be able to experience what you are watching with all of your senses.

Design Origami Pills Bloom In Water [Video]

Design student rethinks the way we take medicine and its packaging to make the process more pleasant.

Advertising Hug A Coca Cola Vending Machine To Get A Free Soda

The beverage company wants you to literally embrace its brand.

Advertising Consumers Connect With Brands That Contain Likable Numbers

A number of experiments from the National University of Singapore and the University of Florida documents the influence of numbers on the liking of brands.