natural disasters

Automotive Denny's Mobile Diner Brings Aid To Hurricane Florence Victims

The vehicle, which contains a fully-functional diner and was previous deployed during California wildfires, serves free food to the victims of natural disasters

Shopper Marketing & Promotion The Weather Channel Is Offering Viewers Mixed-Reality Tornado Coverage

The channel's first video features a tornado strike ravaging the studio in an effort to provide more vivid and immersive storytelling while also informing the public on storm safety measures in a captivating manner

Design New Post-It Notes Are Designed To Handle Extreme Conditions

The new product from 3M, aimed at work environments like restaurants and construction, has proved able to weather even the winds and rains of a hurricane

Advertising Billboards Emerge from Hurricane Irma Rubble To Spread Hope

22squared beautifully repurposes billboards destroyed by the storm to help raise funds for victims

Technology Airbnb Look-Alike Raises Money for Homes Destroyed In Earthquake

The fundraising site allows users to donate to help rebuild Mexican homes that were lost in last month's earthquake

Design Exhibit Explores How Sustainable Materials Can Be Transformed Into Elegant Life-Saving Shelters

The Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation is displaying the work of Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, who uses bamboo and cardboard to design affordable housing

Food & Beverage Beer Brewed Using Rain Water From Rooftops

Due to the increase rainfall in the Netherlands, Brewer Hemelswater found an innovative way to repurpose the resource

Automotive Manila Could Soon Implement A Capsule-Based Transportation System

If accepted, the proposal would free traffic, save lives and promote the Filipino city's local culture

Design Emergency Floor Helps Refugees Ward Off Vermin and Diseases

Humanitarian project addresses the problem of flooring in post-disaster zones, something no agency has yet to do

Luxury Natural Disaster Response Device Sends Info Directly to Red Cross

Reachi lets volunteers send useful damage and assessment reports, enabling a faster response when disaster strikes

Work Tornado Drones Serve to Collect Storm Data

Lightweight and low-risk unmanned aircraft could be the solution to a better understanding of how twisters work

Home Affordable Tornado Shield for Portable Storm Protection

Husband and wife duo develops safeguard against flying debris

Advertising Architect Turns Building 'Upside Down' to Protect Veterans from Natural Disasters

A New Orleans-based hospital is rebuilt, embracing unprecedented standards of flexibility and off-the-grid resilience

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Arizona uses desert power as Dyson tries to make a silent hairdryer.