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Loyalty & Membership Platform Provides Tech Solutions For Brick-And-Mortar Retailers To Enhance Their Shopping Experience

OneMarket is breaking barriers for shopping malls and retailers, giving them access to AI, AR and natural language processing tools without a big price tag to help them curate appealing customer experiences

Delivery & Logistics Voice-Activated AI Now Knows When To Interrupt Conversations

And can tell what their human friends are about to say next, whether at home or in the office, with a development from Microsoft

Health Your Next Therapist Might Be Powered By AI

Researchers at UCLA and USC have created TEVI, an advanced conversational AI for subjective thoughts

Retail How Chatbots Are Advancing Customer Care

Virtual assistants equipped with natural language processing are answering customer inquiries and screening calls for human staff members

Health How Chatbots Are Helping Patients Seek Better Treatment

Healthcare providers are adopting chatbots to provide an accessible and efficient first touchpoint for patients

Design How Alexa Is Making The Workplace Better

Pandera Systems is a startup leveraging voice interfaces to restructure the flow of data for better workflow

Technology This Chatbot Will Fight Your Internet Provider On Your Behalf

Trim has created a new Chrome extension that utilizes natural language processing to automatically chat with customer service reps to lower your bill

Interview Why Augmented Messaging Could Change How We Chat

Cyril Paglino, CEO of Tribe, is developing a new way to communicate that blends video and text

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services AI Can Now Automate Your Expense Reports

A startup is developing the technology to help us leave the time-consuming act of expense reporting behind us

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel How AI Can Make Your Travel Planning Simpler

Hipmunk is a company utilizing artificial intelligence to give travelers relevant and timely assistance

Advertising Building The Branded Chatbots Of The Future

A startup is creating intelligent and responsive human-like AI to serve an ever-expanding range of roles