natural resources

Advertising Bottled Air Pop-Up Shop Questions The Commercialization Of Natural Resources [Video]

Australian water supply company creates a parallel to selling H2O that shoppers can't miss.

Innovation Lab-Grown Burger Loses On Flavor, Wins On Sustainability

Test-tube burger uses 60 percent less energy and 98 percent less land than normal meat

Design Artists And Celebs To Transform NYC Water Towers Into Street Art

An innovative Kickstarter project aims to highlight the importance of our most precious resource, water, by commissioning famous New Yorkers to use the rooftop tanks as a canvas for their art.

Innovation IBM Reveals How Much Water Is Really Wasted By A Dripping Faucet? [Infographic]

IBM infographic series points out how this key resource is being wasted through faulty urban infrastructure.

Technology Artificial Organs That Help The Human Body Conserve Water [Pics]

An extreme conceptual system could help people preserve and recycle H2O.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel BBC Showcases What Life Is

A new website by BBC Earth showcases 50 years of expeditions - and content - to help users learn more about our planet.

The Importance Of Sustaining Our Personal Supply Chain

Thoughts on examining where exactly all of our things come from.

Advertising Story Of Stuff Book Adds To The Vision Of Decreased Consumption

The Story Of Stuff book continues where the popular video left off, and is filled with examples of hope, and ways people could get involved and do things differently.