near field communications

Technology Order Popcorn From Your Theater Seat By Scanning The Arm Of Your Chair

QkR by Mastercard will let people avoid long lines and order after sitting in the theater using a mobile payment system.

Home Unlock Your Front Door Without A Key Thanks To NFC

Yale Locks has developed an app that can open and secure doors by simply touching your phone to the device.

Advertising Real Estate Agency Utilizes QR Codes On Sale Boards

Strutt & Parker's new campaign provides instantaneous information to passers-by about houses for sale

Square COO: There’s No Value In NFC [Headlines]

The mobile payment startup's operating officer stated that he does not think the short-distance wireless technology NFC is useful for merchants or consumers.

Design Razorfish5: Technologies That Will Change The Business of Brands

Digital agency Razorfish publishes a comprehensive report advising how business can leverage emerging technologies.

Technology Google's NFC Payment Method Gathers Momentum

The hassle-free 'wave and pay' method of Near Field Communication edges closer to commercial penetration.